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11 July 2010 @ 12:14 am
Hello, Breathe Me members!

Your friendly mods come to leave a not-so-friendly post. Something happened to one of your mods, something that is not nice and not at all appropriate. Livejournal was about to cancel a user for absolutely  no reason at all, other than someone else's false accusations.

You know taking something and claiming it's yours is one of the worst things you can do, but taking something, claiming it's yours and then blaiming the original owner for taking it is just SICK AND VERY WRONG.  We do not want that kind of enviroment in this community.

I would like to stress these following points:

a) We have been nice mods, haven't we? We have listened to you, we have tolerated incredible lack of participation and it has been fixed to a point, we update, we have things nicely, and we have all played nice, members have been incredible. Members and mods have completely gotten along this past year. 

b) When we felt the need to do a membership cut, we did, and people that have not agreed to it or seen themselves cut as a mistake have PMd me and we have arranged what happened. When we see someone we should ban, we ban, and we keep it in a very secretive way. Only alerting through us and some mods of other comms why the person was banned. If you deserved to be banned, deal with the consequense of what you did. If you feel unfairness, PM us and we'll fix it.

c) We have worked very hard on keeping this community peaceful. We hate to have someone trying to wreck it for no reason. 

This said, we want our members and ourselves to be SAFE around here. With what happened, no, we are not exactly safe, so to put it. 

This is the announcement: Until we completly figure this out and are assured that we are fine again: MEMBERSHIP IN BREATHE ME IS CLOSED AT THE MOMENT.

This post will remain public through that time. 
03 May 2010 @ 12:53 am
 As said on the last mod post. 205 of you were cut.

This entry is public. 

If you believe you were cut unfairly, please PM me. 
If you made a comment on my first mod post asking to stay. PLEASE BY ALL MEANS PM ME, BECAUSE THAT WAS A MISTAKE, I ASSURE YOU. 

Any doubts? PM me! Please! 
12 January 2010 @ 05:14 pm
I don't know why I'd never pimped this community here before ... well I'm gonna do it because you should join and I get a skip, so it's even better to do it now. (Wanna know what the hell a 'skip' is ... go there)

withoutdrowning   (the RP.co.uk LJ comm) is a wonderful community dedicated to Rob and his friends. (Brit Pack, Kristen, Jackson, Ashley, etc) 

  Image and video hosting by TinyPic
withoutdrowning withoutdrowning withoutdrowning 

The people they love there are the people I'm sure a lot of you love. 
Listing from their profile so you know who to praise in the future :P All these people are amazing!

Robert Pattinson
Kristen Stewart
Tom Sturridge
Bobby Long
Sam Bradley
Marcus Foster
Art Sturridge
Johnny Flynn
Jackson Rathbone
Ashley Greene
Rachelle Lefevre
Tallulah Riley
Eddie Redmayne
Nina Schubert
Shannon Woodward
Dakota Fanning
Chris Weitz
Jim Sturgess (just because) 

Jim Sturgess actually has nothing to do with the other ones, but he's just plain awesome and needs to be praised ... 

They have awesome POTD posts, they have the best news updates, they support writing a lot, have writing contests, give great critics, mods are awesome, and they are having new icontests which are real fun to be in. 

Moderated by: lovepollution , kate_stew , so_i_go so_i_go  so_i_go , astairway , just_recycling 

So go now! Click on the image for the icontest joining!!! 
08 December 2009 @ 04:44 pm
THIS IS A MUST READ POST. And Comment and Support Hayley Anne Perkins.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I got us an exclusive interview with the marveouls Hayley Anne Perkins (go to her official site), author of The Metempsyche Series (go to livejournal community), the first book of the series is in the publishing process. The first book called Green. You can see in her site this novel has gotten wonderful reviews from the lucky readers that got to test this book back in the July 2009 Focus Group for Green. They have even compared her with J.K Rowling and Jane Austen. (go read her reviews)

For those of you who have not heard of it, here we go with a summary:

"Your eyes have been the same in every lifetime."
What’s a girl to do when the existence of her soul and the existence of the universe itself are one and the same?
Lindy Cook, aged sixteen, has never felt completely at ease with her high school peers, Full SummaryCollapse )

I asked this wonderful writer for an interview with Breathe Me and she, being the nice person she is, agreed with no hesitation. Below the interview I am linking you to the places where you can find Hayley Anne Perkins.


First let’s talk about Green in general and then get into more of you, Hayley Anne Perkins, as a person. Here you go.

Breathe Me: What was your inspiration to begin writing Green?

Hayley Anne Perkins: Well, that’s sort of a tricky question. I really have no idea! I never sat down and said, "OK, I'd like to write a novel. I'd like for it to have fantastical elements and historical fiction, and lots of kissyface, and... and..." Instead, Green and the rest of the Metempsyche universe feel very organic to me. It's the story I was always meant to write.

This interview was done for Breathe Me, if you want to repost anywhere you have to ask me. Of course you have to give credit.
14 June 2009 @ 07:33 pm
 Welcome to breathe_me_rk or just Breathe Me! This is a Robert and Kristen community.
From the moment you join us and we accept you, you will be on our forest, and your fairies are myself, Natalia (rp_ks_lova ), wonderful Emily (afton_clare ) and amazing Brooke (pattinsonlove23 ).

Now, as we are your fairies, we throw our dust and make you to read the rules at our profile and join us! Membership will be moderated so we can check you are not a crazy ass fan, because there are a lot out there.

This R/K community was created for you people to have fun so if you don’t like fun and you only like to over-analyze Rob and Kristen, drive your asses back to where you came from.

If you think you can be nice and love R/K in a non creepy way, then come in to our forest, because the trees are big and wide open for you!

If you are having any concerns, complaints or doubts, don’t doubt to come into the deepest part of the forest and PM us, because we will receive you kindly and answer you.

 We are nice fairiesand we work our asses off for you, so please, love us as much as we love you!!!!